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Introduce yourself.... Here is where you can make your first posts. So please introduce yourself if you want to an active member of the community!

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Old 07-07-2015, 05:05 PM
swmpdg swmpdg is offline
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Lightbulb heeeyy

Hello forum. I am "Swamp Dog", named after my Irish Wolfhound/Old English Sheepdog dog that likes to lay in mud puddles . I am interested in what is going on here @ this website. I have my own gaming community which is supporting these plugins among others. We (ModRiotGaming) can be visited at and our steam community is located @ . My steam profile is .

We have 2 working WarCraft 3 Frozen Throne DoD servers that also is combined with weaponmod and other plugins. I figured out how to run ShrikeBot on linux with these plugins, which is a miracle.
We also have a 24/7 dod_caen server that isn't quite ready yet, but we are attempting to make it as similar as possible to the other 24/7 Caen server except slightly different. There will likely be no friendly fire, and a few plugins will likely not be used (such as Stronger Rifles). I have discussed this with another admin in my server, and we think it is good to have somewhat of a variation from the other 24/7 Caen server. Regardless, we believe that there should be more than one 24/7 dod_caen server due to the limited server capacity. I know there were times I wanted to play but there was a full server. So, at least there will be another server people can go to in the mean time.

The purpose of our gaming community known as "ModRiot" is to rally support for old half-life 1 mods. We want to continue to support all aspects of the GoldSource engine to the fullest extent possible. We realize that FilePlanet is in the process of archiving all of their files, so eventually it will be even harder to access some things like older versions of games or code hosted on there. Since went down, there has been a severe lack of support for the Half-Life community. What was once a widely supported gaming community is now isolated patches of players and developers. So, as a service, we are trying to support both players and developers of older games/mods. We want to have a place to schedule games with other people who want to play their favorite games, we want to host servers for those mods that need servers, we want to help game developers have a place to access relevant information to continue development, and we also want to have a place for files that may be hard to find or impossible to find in the future (old files are a lot harder to come by now. Many servers hosting files have gone down and are only accessible through snapshots). We are hoping to support the Day of Defeat mod as well. We noticed that there was no WarCraft3:FrozenThrone mod servers running, so I figured out how to configure the mod with AMXX and ShrikeBot on Linux 64-bit. I am very happy that Day of Defeat has its own plugin sites and has as much support as it does. It makes it fun to play when I get bored of the regular game. I hope some of you DoD players come and play in our servers!! We want players and we want to support your cause as well. There is a DoD subforum on our site @ and if you would like to discuss anything DoD related (including plugins) there, you are more than welcome.
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